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We’re here and we’re campaigning!

Media Release, July 27, 2010

The Australian Democrats have chosen their lead Senate candidates in Victoria and South Australia to be their principal spokespersons for the party in the Federal election.

They are Roger Howe who leads the Victorian Senate team and is a software engineering manager, and Jeanie Walker, who leads the South Australian Senate team and is an Aboriginal youth support worker, qualified chef and well-known animal rights activist. Continue reading

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Roger Howe endorsed as Australian Democrats lead senate candidate for Victoria

Roger Howe Senate Candidate for Victoria

Roger Howe thanking party members for their support.

Australian Election 2010:

After a ballot of members Roger Howe has been endorsed as the Australian Democrats lead Senate Candidate for Victoria.

Howe, who has been President of the Democrats Victorian Division for the past 5 years, received overwhelming party support. Continue reading

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Stop demonising asylum seekers

Australian Democrats oppose government’s offshore processing plans.

Afghan refugees

Afghan refugees shortly after the US led invasion in 2001. Nine years later about a quarter of a million remain displaced within their own country and 3 million languish in refugee camps in Pakistan and Iran. UN Photo/Luke Powell

The Australian Democrats have issued two media releases in the past 48 hours opposing the Gillard Government’s “Timor solution” and rejecting the Opposition’s Hanson-Howard tactic of spreading lies, fear and paranoia. See the Media Releases below.

Seeking asylum from violence, war, famine, torture and persecution is legal under international law. Instead of reverting to yet another “offshore solution” the government should stand up against the misinformation the Abbott Liberal opposition is peddling.
Continue reading

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